enchantedengland: My seat mate from London to Atlanta was a respectable middle-aged gentleman who lived just outside of York and was quite a good fellow, positively chummy after those five glasses of red wine. When I dutifully reported the requested itinerary of where-I’d-been-on-my-holiday, he gave me a reproachful glance and announced, “There’s a lot more of England north of London, you know.”

  What I wanted to say was, “I know! I know ALL ABOUT ENGLAND DUDE I HAVE THIS TUMBLR, SEE?” But since this would sound incredibly lame and stupid I am a shy and modest person I merely ducked my head and mumbled “Sorry” in a miserable voice. I think he knew I wasn’t really sorry because he looked out the window for fifteen minutes and there is nothing to see over the North Atlantic at one in the morning.